The four Bikkur Holim training videos can be shown at any time throughout your training program. Each short video was related with the visitor in mind. Our hope is to reduce some of the anxieties related to visiting the older people.   We address a specific topic related to aging and place each visit in a different context (nursing home, hospital, home and synagogue). In addition, the titled topics we address issues related to bereavement, home-care, returning to the community, and more.   You may want to use the provided discussion guides or use your own questions. 

Topic One: Elder Abuse

Context: Home
Visitor Challenge: How to respond to a chaotic and potentially harmful situation

Topic Two: Disability

Context: Synagogue and Home
Visitor Challenge: How to visit a community leader

Topic Three: Dementia

Context: Nursing Home.
Visitor Challenge: How to connect

Topic Four: LGBT Issues

Context: Rehab Hospital
Visitor Challenge: Responding to an unexpected turn in the conversation