Meet Sarah!

GETTING TO KNOW REFRAME’S PARTICIPATING EDUCATORS Meet Sarah Brokman, from Park Avenue Synagogue, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As Assistant Director of the Congregational School, Sarah writes the curriculum for third, fourth and fifth grades and supervises all of the teachers for those grades. 1. Where are you from originally? I grew up in … Continue Reading

When Entrepreneurship meets Experiential Education

One of the benefits of studying experiential education is that certain components of it begin to color one’s life in areas outside of the (non-standard) classroom. Learning how to effectively and directly convey information in unique environments can not only impact the teacher-student relationship, but also the parent-child relationship, one’s relationship with friends, and even … Continue Reading

Meet Ilene!

GETTING TO KNOW REFRAME’S PARTICIPATING EDUCATORS Meet Ilene Bloom, from Temple Israel Center in White Plains, New York. As one of three full time community educators at Temple Israel Center, Ilene teaches and develops curriculum for the 5th grade, leads K-2nd grade Shabbat morning services,  teaches in the Havarah Torah high school program, and serves as … Continue Reading

One Educator’s Response to the Pew Report and the Jewish Future

This article is reprinted from eJewish Philanthropy. By Nancy Parkes I have read the reports and the responses. I have attended meetings and have discussed the findings of the Pew report with many of my colleagues and with experts in the field, all whom I would define as people who care deeply about the future … Continue Reading

Alternative Models of Religious Schooling

The exploration of alternative models of religious schooling is a constant conversation in the Jewish education world. Specifically within the synagogue structure, many alternate learning models have emerged over the last several decades, through camps, projects, community initiatives, and family programs. A recent article in the Jewish Journal of Education by Dr. Isa Aron examines this trend. … Continue Reading

The Importance of Setting

One of the unique innovations of experiential education is its upending the typical classroom setting. Hallways, gymnasiums, sanctuaries, and the outdoors are just a few of the places where some of the most effective experiential learning can take place. During a recent ReFrame webinar with our pilot communities, we explored how various settings can convey … Continue Reading

Meet Aily!

GETTING TO KNOW REFRAME’S PARTICIPATING EDUCATORS Say hi to Aily Leibtag, from Beth Tzedec Congregation in Toronto! As Beth Tzedec’s Youth Director, Aily runs a variety of programs to help youth of all ages feel connected to Beth Tzedec Congregation and the entire community. 1. Where are you from originally? Dundas, Ontario, Canada 2. What’s your … Continue Reading

An Educational Booth

By Josh Lake Set Up During the holiday of Sukkot we are commanded to spend our time dwelling in booths. This commandment comes from the lines of Torah, “You shall dwell in booths seven days; all that are home born in Israel shall dwell in booths: that your generations may know that I made the … Continue Reading

Meet Jen!

GETTING TO KNOW REFRAME’S PARTICIPATING EDUCATORS Next up is Jen Stern, from Park Avenue Synagogue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As one of the Assistant Directors of the Congregational School, Jen oversees the 6th and 7th grade program. She writes the curricula,  supervises the teaching team, and collaborates with her colleague, Sarah Brokman (another ReFrame … Continue Reading

Reflective Learning in the Season of Teshuvah

By Rabbi Jason Gitlin While the formal Hebrew title for each book of Torah is today derived from a word in its first verse, the Rabbis regularly employed a different logic: use a name that captured the book’s main theme. Va-yikra, for instance, was referred to as Torat Kohanim (Laws of the Priests) because the sacrificial system … Continue Reading