An Excerpt from Chancellor Arnold Eisen’s Address to the Educators


Chancellor Arnold Eisen’s Address at the ReFrame Inaugural Design Lab (4/25/13)


How Would You ReFrame Jewish Education?


Why ReFrame Jewish Education?


Prompt: What are the implications of experiential education on curriculum design?

Download this White Paper as a PDF Writer: Lesley Litman It is not unreasonable to assume that the term “curriculum” evokes in most listeners images of schooling, textbooks and lessons arranged in a sequence that are then imparted to learners in a classroom.  In this white paper I will challenge that image and make an … Continue Reading

A Post-P.O.S.T. Post – Strategic Thinking Case Study

Written by Alan Sufrin Originally posted at This blog post is a reflection on something that hasn’t happened yet.  Whoa. The reason I can do this is because of the remarkable opportunity I currently have as the Network Weaver for a project of The Jewish Theological Seminary’s William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education called “ReFrame.” And … Continue Reading

Prompt: What is Experiential Jewish Education?

Download this White Paper as a PDF Writer: Dr. Jeffrey S. Kress Describing EJE for Reframe The term experiential Jewish education (EJE) has come, to a large degree, to be embraced as a more acceptable term than informal Jewish education to describe…something. The term has the advantage of not implying that such education happens “informally,” … Continue Reading