Camp and School: Context Matters

By Rabbi Joshua Rabin I have never been comfortable with the question, “How we can make schools more like camp?” Yes, Jewish camps and other experiential programs are blessed with many elements that create holistic Jewish experiences leaving children with a warm feeling inside of them. However, camps are not bound by the parameters by … Continue Reading

An Excerpt from Chancellor Arnold Eisen’s Address to the Educators


Chancellor Arnold Eisen’s Address at the ReFrame Inaugural Design Lab (4/25/13)


Why Is This Religious School Different from All Other Religious Schools?

Originally posted at by Aaron Starr Most conversations about Jewish education focus on the “how” and rarely get to the “what.” Should we invert the two? When those of us who are leaders in the world of Jewish education seek to define and, consequently, improve synagogue-based schools, we appropriately desire to engage the most … Continue Reading

Excellence in Experiential Jewish Education

Guest Post by: Rabbi Avi Katz Orlow Excellent Experiential Jewish Education: Is executed with kavanah, intention, in which each activity is done with the purpose of achieving a larger goal Activity for activity’s sake is not experiential education—it’s just an activity. Educational experiences should be intentionally designed to convey Jewish learning outcomes and values in an … Continue Reading

How Would You ReFrame Jewish Education?


Why ReFrame Jewish Education?


Leveraging the Time Honored Approach of Experiential Education

By: Zachary Lasker, Ed.D. Setting: Camp Ramah in California Time: Nightfall, mid-summer Each year a haunting melody ignites a distinctly familiar tingle; the feeling is a clashing mix of sorrow and serenity. This melody is invoked just a couple times each year – between renditions of Avinu Malkeinu, Oseh Shalom, and Eli Eli – to … Continue Reading

Prompt: How Might Families Navigate Through the Range of Jewish Experiences to Secure a Robust Education?

Download this White Paper as a PDF Writer: Dr. Gil Graff From the Exodus narrative to Moses’s exhortation to teach successive generations, the foundational text of Jewish life instructs parents to enable children to internalize the legacy of Torah.  Commentators have pointed out that Torah is identified in the Biblical text as morashah (legacy), suggesting … Continue Reading

Prompt: How Do You Build an Ecosystem of Jewish Education?

Originally posted at Download this White Paper as a PDF Writer: Jeffrey Lasday Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Parshischo said that every person should have two slips of paper in his pocket. On one should be written: “The world was created for me.” On the other should be written: “I am but dust and ashes.” … Continue Reading