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Spotlight on the Jewish Kids Groups

By: Dr. Zachary Lasker The Jewish Kids Groups in Atlanta, GA is one new model that appears to follow an experiential approach to Jewish “after-school” education.  In a recent blog post on eJewishPhilanthropy JKG leaders Ana Fuchs and Becca Holohan share their program with great pride, highlighting dimensions that reflect attributes of experiential Jewish education.  … Continue Reading

Prompt: What do educational leaders in the complementary setting need in the 21st century?

Download this White Paper as a PDF Author: Dr. Sarah Tauber Any analysis and understanding of the needs of Jewish educational leaders in complementary settings with specific regard to experiential education must include the following criteria: Identifying those leaders (including clergy) with reputations as excellent educators and educational leaders, and gathering data from them and … Continue Reading

Prompt: What steps need to be taken to assure a greater pipeline from counselors to Jewish education professionals?

Download this White Paper as a PDF Writer: Amy Skopp Cooper There is sufficient empirical and anecdotal information to indicate that the liberal Jewish community is facing a serious leadership crisis[a]. According to Jerry Silverman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Federations of North America, in the next decade or so, 70%-80% of … Continue Reading

Camp + Hebrew School at the Drawing Board


Mission Possible: Strengthening Congregational Schools through a “Camp-Like” Approach

Written by Dr. Zachary Lasker Originally posted at For 18 summers straight I had the pleasure of working in a Jewish summer camp where I sat at an epicenter for Jewish living and learning. From that seat I got to work with a lucky slice of the Jewish population who attended camp. Encouragement came … Continue Reading